A Spring 'Thing' 🌸

The ‘thing’ with Spring, is that it has that undeniable ability to refresh you, be it a fresh new take on your look, your physical space or even your mindset. Spring is a beautiful time to give yourself some flowers literally and metaphorically. So with that said, here are some Spring special spruce-up tips.

The Cherry on Top:

Let’s start with a beauty trend I absolutely can’t get enough of ‘cherry glossy/dewy tints’. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing rich red cherry tone tints pop up everywhere, especially in Japanese and Korean beauty, and we all know that anything that blooms in the cities of Tokyo and Soul is destined to be a beauty phenomenon.

Cherry tints can be applied in many ways but the way I personally apply them is when topped with a clear/transparent gloss or balm. Sticky tip: I find if you are wearing a gloss/dewy tint all day then topping with balm is more comfortable as the tints stay in place and you don’t get that menacing hair stuck to gloss’ situation. Glossy/dewy tints can be applied to the eyes, cheeks and lips. 

Social Spring Clean:

Just like a spring clean that we would do for our homes and physical spaces, a declutter and clearing out of our social media and online environments can be just as cleansing and rejuvenating for our mind and soul. Firstly social media is designed to be over consumed, with continual content that plays automatically as soon as you open up various social media apps and sites. As much as content being fed to us like this can be great for convenience, discovery and connecting with people, it can also be very overwhelming and warp reality and perspective. Like all good things (especially addictive things), it is best to consume social media in healthy moderation.

Features and settings I’ve personally found helpful to set boundaries and limitations with my social media consumption is the ‘mute’ feature. The mute feature allows you to customise how you see content and how regularly you see content on various social media apps such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook. This feature is great because it is governed by you not the algorithm.

A device feature which is also very helpful is the ‘downtime’ setting, which allows you to set when your apps are accessible and when they are not, for example setting ‘downtime’ on your devices (phone and laptop) from 8pm-8am, means your selected ‘downtime’ apps are locked and inaccessible during the ‘downtime’ timeframe.

Skincare Good Enough to Eat:

Something that I’ve always loved to do, is home remedy skincare and beauty treatments. Maybe it is my inner South Asian maternal instinct coming through because a spice pantry pamper session or fruit facial is my jam.

With it being Spring I’ve been all about utilising current seasonal fruit in my skincare routine. At the moment I’m on a kiwi and strawberry skincare kick, both eating them and applying them topically to help with my skin’s clarity, tone and texture. 

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]