Dial-in Dinner Party - Rumi Tutorial

Friday nights in just got all that dreamier with the House Party App, allowing you to dial-in and dine with your fave friends. Reward your hard week of conference calls on the couch and indoor yoga with a stunner outfit, a little bit of red lippy and OF COURSE the red vino to match! Follow the steps to apply Rumi 2-IN-1, which is a rich burgundy shade. 

Step 1:
Apply Rumi 2-IN-1 Lipstick on the lips - first applying the balmy Matte Lipstick, then seal/ shape/define the lips with the long lasting Liquid Lipstick.
Step 2:
Tint your cheeks for a rich flush of colour - dot the hydrating Matte Lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blend to perfection.
Step 3:
Add a pow of colour to your lids - dot the Liquid Lipstick to the centre of each eyelid and then blend and buff to cover the entire eyelid. This shadow with look rich and velvety. 

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]